Buying Guide: Honda CB750 buying guide

Early 750s are sought after. But there is an alterfnative

Original sand-cast examples are out of reach for most of us and the K0/K1 analogues have worryingly moved too far north of most folks wallets but there is, thankfully, a more cost effective route into CB750 ownership. The K6 and K7 models represent pretty much the last iterations of the iconic bike and strangely something of climb down for Honda. While most of the world received yearon- year revisions (K3, K4 etc) Blighty basically got the K2 model and that was it. 1975 and Honda’s lame reaction to Kawasaki’s Z1 is the CB750F1. 4-1 exhaust, racey threads and a tuned engine; all of which does little to endear it to the customers who appreciated the old four pipers’ charms. With such a luke warm reception Honda does the unthinkable and reintroduces the old style machine in the guise of the K6 in late 1975. Described by some as something of a parts bin special, the K6 is arguably the last of the genuine CB750 even if it does contain some of the F1’s internals. Honda had been caught sleeping on the job with the F1 Supersport and had to work hard to get the K6 launched. Realising that there was still life in the old girl Honda carried out a serious overhaul of the bike and launched the K7 variant in 1977. Although visually a little different to the older machines the bike still retained the iconic engine’s appearance even if the internals had received close scrutiny. Ditto the four pipe exhaust; same general layout but a different profile.

The K6 and K7 models may well be the end of line for the original design but they also represent stunning value for money providing a much more sensible platform from which to enjoy Honda CB750 ownership. Running K7 examples with T&T seem to start for around £2000, the earlier K6 generally runs £500-£1000 more presumably because it’s the last of the original looking 750/4s. Top end for a K6 is £5000-5500 with K7s coming £3500-4500; neither is exactly giveaway money but infinitely cheaper than the £12-15k being asked for the original examples. Bargain? Quite possibly. bike

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