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  • April 2018

    Old Bike Mart offers the UK’s largest selection of classic motorcycle classifieds. It features news, racing reports, reviews and newly discovered historic machines plus hundreds of ads to browse. DIARY DATES READERS’ LETTERS STAFFORD CLASSIC BIKE SHOW TALMAG TRIAL IT’S MY BIKE TALKING JAPANESE READERS’ TALES UNEARTHED FEEDBACK A BIT ON THE SIDE CLASSIFIED OBM SERVICES GUIDE CLUB CALL Pete’s Prattle Reader Colyn Thomas’s atmospheric recollections of the comings and goings at the petrol pumps at Castle Garage, on the A38 at Trebrown Bridge in Cornwall, and this month’s cover shot of two BSA C15 Sportsman riders at North Bar Garage in Banbury, a control point in the 1966 National Rally, got my memory buds going. In the early 1960s, after retiring from a lifetime of lorry driving, my late