Latest Issue Preview

  • April 2019

    NEWS STAFFORD PREVIEW BIT ON THE SIDE MADE IN JAPAN READERS’ TALES LETTERS FROM THE ARCHIVE CLUB CALL TELFORD SHOW PLACES TO GO TRICYCLES KOP HILL CLIMB FESTIVAL UNEARTHED BRISTOL SHOW KICK START YOUR SUMMER CLASSIFIED SERVICES GUIDE DIARY DATES Editorial As you may have noticed from the resounding thwack that this issue made when it hit the floor after being squeezed through your letterbox, this is the biggest ever issue of Old Bike Mart, a full 25% larger than the standard issue. Aside from giving you more to look at over the top of your cereal bowl/plate of toast/bare knees as you’re sat on the throne, this is a direct reflection of the way that the classic industry and aftermarket suppliers are supporting not just this publication in particular