• Classic chronometry with a modern twist

    While the oldest of classic machinery doesn’t actually require a speedometer by law, much of our classic bikes do, although it has to be said

  • First bikes, take two

    My first bike, in about 1957, an Ariel 350 (left). At 17, any bike that was affordable was ardently wished for. I was told that

  • Velocette bible reprint on sale

    While Ivan Rhodes’ book on all things Velocette, Technical Excellence Exemplified, had been out of print for some time, it’s now been relaunched with new

  • Vapour Honing UK

    The removal of unwanted paint, dirt, grease and general detritus is never a problem with sturdy, hefty components, but when it comes to the more

  • The Classic Dirt Bike Show: February 15-16, 2020

    Welcome, dirt bike fans, to the Classic Dirt Bike Show 2020 sponsored by Hagon Shocks. It’s that time of year again folks, to shake your

  • From New Imp to VanVan

    My first bike article in OBM has tempted me to send in the following, you may find the pictures suitable for publication. As a first-year

  • Pinhard Trophy winner

    One of the UK’s most prestigious motorcycling awards, as awarded by the Sunbeam MCC, is the Pinhard Trophy, presented by the club since 1950 to

  • First bikes, take one

    Your request for pictures of us readers on our first bike made me think of those careless days before National Service, marriage, family and so on,

  • Stuart stars at Stafford

    April’s Stafford Show – known officially by its somewhat long-winded title, the 40th Carole Nash International Classic MotorCycle Show – is not only the 40th

  • Colin Seeley RIP

    While there have been so many people who started their two-wheeled careers by something as simple as messing around with their, and their mates’ bikes,

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