Greeves: Are these bikes still out there?

I have enclosed some photos of bikes I would like to find and possibly buy back, restore and put in my Greeves collection – if they are still out there.

Finding the bikes would bring back many memories of when I used to travel all over the UK with my brother Eric Deal to trials up and down the country and to the Scottish Six Days, for which I eventually entered three bikes under Greeves, finishing in the top 50.

The first bike is my own 25 DC Twin (registration 982 WEV).


I bought this bike from Jack Hubbard, of Braintree, in Essex, in about 1962, and travelled to all the big scrambles to watch Dave Bickers and Geoff Smith do battle.

The Greeves Scottish 610 RMC was given to me by my brother Eric when I was about 14.

The photo is of Eric riding the bike in the Beggars Roost trail in Derbyshire – I could not ride as I was too young


I think you had to be 18 or expert status and I was only a novice at the time.

The 350 cc AJS bikes, which he bought brand new, were used in the Scottish from 1960 to 1962.

Registration numbers TKP 686 and WKL 643 were used on all the big trials, such as the Clayton Trophy, Beggars Roost, and the Scottish.


So you can see where I get my interest from for Greeves!

Keeping my fingers crossed – if anyone can help please email me at:]

Richard Deal


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