The ‘Flying Vicar’ is at it again!

In the June issue of OBM, we published a letter from Malcolm Walter telling of a bright yellow off-road BSA Bantam built by a clubmate of his called Richard.

The little Bantam outfit is testament to ‘The Flying Vicar’s’
building skills.

Well, Richard has been at it again, this time trying three wheels for a change, and regulars at the Goodwood Revival might well have encountered him, for he’s also known as the ‘Flying Vicar’ and can usually be seen at the end of the tunnel.

He’s designed and built an eye-catching BSA Bantam combination whose ‘sidecar’ does not carry a passenger, but rather a colourful variety of ‘spares’ in the tradition of the old AA and RAC patrol outfits. The ‘spares’ are in fact odds and ends from his garage, some in compartments with plastic tops to reduce bounce, and some superglued in to deter any light-fingered onlookers.

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The purpose-made fittings include a facility for adjusting the toe-in, and the sidecar is weighted with some building blocks for stability.

As Richard had never ridden an outfit before, the early excursions were undertaken with a ‘minder’ following, but in no time at all he was cruising at 40mph with ease. The accompanying pictures underline the fact yet again that you don’t have to spend a fortune to have fun on a motorcycle, and watch this space – it might have a trailer soon!

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