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This month’s OBM, as always is the case, features the latest news, reports from the racetrack, part and tool reviews and ‘how to’ guides. Ensure you get your copy by subscribing to OBM here.

We call OBM the autojumble in your armchair, which it is… but there’s so much more to this publication. It’s like meeting an old friend for a walk down memory lane, with plenty of laughs thrown in and some evocative pictures to mull over.

Here’s a look inside the pages of the new January issue…

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The Classic Motorcycle Mechanics Show

The second of the year’s big shows at the Staffordshire Country Showground manages to have a different feel about it to its spring sibling. John Milton finds out why, while Gary Chapman takes the pictures.

The Quadrant

Of course, as you all know, the ‘O’ in OBM stands for ‘Old’. But it’s very rare that we take a good look at a motorcycle that is not only older than any of us in the OBM Shed but also older than any of you reading this, as Blue Miller discovers.

Roasting the chicken and other recipes

When the Hesketh superbike was launched, Tim Bolton knew that he could never afford one. But little did he know that, within a few short years, he would be building his own from scratch…

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A journey north on an MZ

It’s always a pleasure to hear another of Richard Hyatt’s memoirs of motorcycles he has owned – and that’s an impressive number. Here, he goes from a Ducati to an MZ!

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