Moto Guzzi V7 III Carbon

With Moto Guzzi fast approaching their centennial year, Dave Manning slings a leg over a variant of the V7 III that celebrates the firm’s year of inauguration.

Moto Guzzi launched the third generation of the V7 in 2017, rather neatly coinciding with the 50th anniversary of when the model was first launched in 1967.

In a fit of exuberance, Guzzi celebrated the fact with more than one model and, for this year, there are actually six different versions of the V7, all varying in small and subtle ways, while the overall look of the bike bears a closer resemblance to the V7 Sport released in 1971 than to the rounder, touring-focused design of that very first model.

The Carbon is the one you see here, with numerous carbon fibre parts (hence the name), while there’s also the Stone, Special, Limited, Milan and Rough (which is the cheapest at £8599, rising to £8999 for the Milan and Special).

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The Special (front) has wire wheels, more chrome and twin clocks.

The Carbon is in the middle at £8799, with a total of just 1921 of them being built – that figure being the year that Guzzi started production.

Take three

The third iteration of the V7 retains the classic styling and engine configuration, yet with the required upgrades that are demanded by the modern marketplace. The engine, increased to 744cc from the original 704cc, has had the crankcases stiffened in key places.

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A great deal of thought has been put into the internal dynamics with regard to oil and gas flow, resulting in reduced fuel consumption and an engine with an improved throttle response. The crank has been addressed too, given a different balance ratio for “easier revving and stronger engine braking”.

Of course, large capacity V-twins have never been short on engine braking, but with the V7 the balance between the way the motor picks up revs and subsequently slows down when the throttle is closed is nigh on perfect for the style of bike.

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