A bike club’s loss

Having just got married in 1969, my new wife Rosemary and I joined Warrington Motorcycle Club which met at Martins Croft, to the east of Warrington. We enjoyed a number of runs out and camping trips.

Many of the friends we met back then are still friends to this day, and some of the members are still riding motorcycles, including myself at 73!

Jack and June Taylor, from Warrington, were members for many years before moving to Shap in Cumbria about 15 years ago.


Jack was an instrument teacher in Hindley Green near Wigan, but left to become a watch and clock maker.

To qualify to be a clock repairer he had to make a grandfather clock, which he did, and this clock is now in his daughter Jenny’s home.

They rode a BMW R69S (AED 164B) with a Stieb Sidecar, traveling around the UK, Germany and Norway.


Sadly, Jack passed away on January 6, 2020 and June on March 7, 2017.

I have attached a few photos of Jack, June, myself and my wife Rosemary and other club members enjoying trips in the 1970s.

Many thanks to Peter Houghton and John Boardman for the photos.


We would like to pass on our condolences to Jenny their daughter and family at this sad time.

Colin Rider, Warrington

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