You pays your money… and you takes your choice!

Motor Cycling’s Bernal Osborne rides the Bullet along a quiet village street in the spring of 1960 – how different it all was then!

Right, you’ve got the deposit together (or at least have an old bike to trade in) and fancy a brand new 500cc Royal Enfield – but which one do you prefer, the single or the twin? I’m talking about 50-odd years ago, by the way…

Fifteen years ago, a fellow journo piecing together a similar comparison came up with the ace headline ‘One thump or two?’. Oh, if only I’d thought of that one!

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From the pages of The Motor Cycle dated June 26, 1958 and Motor Cycling dated May 5, 1960, this month’s archive feature compares the road tests of the 496cc Meteor Minor de Luxe twin and the 499cc Bullet single respectively – and the overall performances were a lot closer than you might think.

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