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Now when was it that?

Now when was it that? to give it its true print title, is a compilation of milestone snippets from the motorcycle history books. Originally written by Old Bike Mart founder Ken Hallworth and re-crafted by Jeff Clew for this series, Now when was it that? answers all those general knowledge questions – those irritating brain teasers which aren't relevant enough to appear in magazine articles proper.

When was it that Cyclemaster tried to go upmarket? When was it that Francis-Barnett ditched Villers as an engine supplier? You'll find answers to both questions and many more in this online serialisation. See also second, third and fourth books.

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motorcycle artworkOnline contents
? AJS's chubby lightweights
? Britain's biggest bike
? Cyclemaster goes 'upmarket'
? DMW launches their 'Cortina'
? Douglas's sports model
? Francis-Barnett ditches Villiers
? Greeves launches Fleetmaster
? Humber last motorcycles
? OEC goes Duplex mad
? Norton adds 350cc single to their motorcycle range
? Norton produces their first vertical twin
? Panther's 7s 6d motorcycle!
? When Sunbeam last built a shaft drive motorcycle
? Triumph follows Henry Ford
? Commander steals the Show
? Velocette first listed the 'Clubman Viper' and Venom in their own right?
? Wilfred takes the country to work and back
? World's Fastest Man rides The Coventry Eagle Flying `250'

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