Reference: When was it that? Book 4

Now when was it that? Book 4

Now when was it that the mighty Ariel produced a three-wheeled 'Pixie'? When did Douglas return to the Isle of Man after a 17-year absence? When did Edward Turner and his senior colleagues go for an extended road test on Triumph's T15 Terrier? You'll find answers to all of these questions below, plus many more in this online serialisation. See also first and second and third books.

This is the final instalment of our 'When it was that?' online serialisation.

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Classic motorcycle illustrationOnline contents
? Ariel Motors suffers its three wheel 'Pixie' indignity
? When did Baughan Motors dominate sidecar trials?
? BSA produces the bulletproof B31 and B33 single roadsters
? 40,000-mile around the world tour on a 600cc Douglas T6
? KRM's Superstreak offers a serious world challenge
? Douglas returns to the Isle of Man after 17-year absence
? When did the JAP engine dominate speedway?
? Lawrence of Arabia's fatal fascination for Broughs
? MV Agusta introduces their road-going double ohc fours
? When did Pouncy two strokes came from sleepy Dorset?  
? When did Royal Enfield had an overhead camshaft prototype?
? When did Sprite make competition bikes?
? Stevens Motorcycles arises from AJS's smoulderingashes
? Sunbeam launches their S7
? Triumph bosses go for a jaunt!
? Veloce Limited seriously updates their ohc model
? When Velocette had a fast 250

Illustration Louise Limb

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