Reference: When was it that? Book 3

Now when was it that? Book 3

Now when was it that? to give it its true print title, is a compilation of milestone snippets from the motorcycle history books. Originally written by Old Bike Mart founder Ken Hallworth and re-crafted by Jeff Clew for this series, Now when was it that? answers all those general knowledge questions – those irritating brain teasers which aren't relevant enough to appear in magazine articles proper.

Now when was it that Royal Enfield re-entered the 250cc market? When was it that Raleigh made motorcycles? When was it that Velocette dropped an almighty clanger? You'll find answers to all of these questions, and many more in this online serialisation. See also first, second and fourth book.

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When was it that…
? AJS made a 'Dracer'?
? A.W. Grady rode around Oz?
? Ariel produced 'baby' Arrow?
? BSA's A7 made its debut?
? BSA's Star series began?
? Excelsior carried out their comprehensive running-in test?
? Hesketh made a superbike?
? Maserati made motorcycles?
? Guzzi's Lodola made its debut?
? Royal Enfield re-entered the 250cc motorcycle market?
? Raleigh made motorcycles?
? Pierce Arrow sold a four cylinder motorcycle model?
? You Rudged and not trudged it?
? Scorpion produced sporting two stroke motorcycles?
? Triumph went unit?
? Triumph got 'trusty' name?
? Triumph announced Model T?
? Thunderbirds were go?
? Velocette dropped a clanger?
? Velocette made their last overhung crankshaft two stroke?

Illustration Louise Limb

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