Reference: When was it that? Book 2

Now when was it that? (Book two)

Links to all the articles are below. See also the first and third and fourth online 'books'. Originally written by OBM founder Ken Hallworth and recrafted for the bookazine series by Jeff Clew Now when was it that? was a popular, readable source of titbits from the motorcycle industry.

Triumph motorcycle advertOnline contents
? AJS produces a real stormer
? AMC's tele-fork
? Ariel goes all two-stroke
? Ariel makes the 'Squariel'
? BMW goes fully floating
? BSA's 'Beeza' scooter
? Cotton went Continental?
? DOT's cheeky 'Comp' jobs
? Excelsior launches the Talisman
? Indian made a 'Brave' attempt
? New Imperial's Unit Minor
? Norton goes Isolastic
? Norman championed the twins
? Norton's ES2 joined the range?
? Royal Enfield's un-named twin
? Scott production ends in Shipley
? Scott was made in Birmingham
? Sun's 'Premier' lightweight
? Triumph TR5 Trophy makes bow
? Velocette introduces the GTP
? Velocette were really Valiant?
? Velocette made the Mac, their longest running model?

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