WCE extends First-time free pitch offer to clubs

The “Free Pitch” offer to first-time traders was introduced about 10 years ago to encourage enthusiasts to clear from their sheds and garages parts and bits from projects long abandoned or no longer of interest, and this has now been extended to include clubs wishing to dispose of memorabilia or parts. However, anyone wishing to participate in the scheme should get in touch and discuss the terms and conditions, as it has been abused in the past.

WCE’S next big event is a Bike-Only jumble at Boreham, Essex, on Sunday, February 21st where, uniquely, WCE will be offering clubs a yearly donation of 50p to each member who shows a club membership card and pays the full entry price.
It doesn’t sound much, but will apply to all WCE-organised events this coming season and can mount up, but any money going into club coffers is generally very welcome,.
For dates, maps and contact details, visit www.woodclass.com or [email protected] or see the advertisements in this issue

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