Viva Las Vegas: Roll the dice and grab a rarity!

Last issue we told you about the comprehensive number of bikes that have been shipped across the Atlantic, from Sweden to America, to be rolled into the auction halls of Mecum’s 28th annual Las Vegas Vintage and Antique Motorcycle Auction, taking place from January 22 through to January 27.

The bikes in question – no less than 235 of them – have been extracted from the MC Collection in Stockholm, Sweden, thanks to the collection’s curator – Christer R Christensson – reducing the number of machines in his care prior to a move to the collection’s new home at Tidö Castle, just outside of Västerås in Sweden (about 100km from Stockholm).

This 1929 Royal Enfield Premium Model is of 350cc capacity with overhead valve operation, and was equipped with the company’s much-vaunted seven-inch hubs.

The new museum will be opening in the spring of 2019, and you can find more details from the website at

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As you can see from the pictures here, the collection is a diverse one, both in terms of the type of bike, and of their age.

One might wonder how such an eclectic variety of bikes came to be gathered in one place, and that is thanks to Christer’s fascination with bike design and, in particular, the ways that bike design could differ so much, even within one manufacturer’s range.

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