Twinshock Trailfinder – orienteering with motorcycles!

Our project Can-Am would have been ideal for the Twinshock Trailfinder event

If you’ve got a twinshock bike, a brain and don’t fancy the ‘eat my dust’ world of guided trail-rides then this two day, old-school, non-GPS map-reading event in the Pyrenees is for you.

The entry is £200 per rider. You must be in a team of two, three or four riders, but fear not because if you lack mates with twinshocks but are still keen to enter, the organisers will match-make you with some new buddies. 


This year the riders will be staying in a beautiful house high in the mountains called Portavella

But please don’t delay in booking as numbers are limited at Portavella. You can sign up for the event now on the website:

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