Treasure find on Spain tour

While traversing his way around Europe on an entirely inappropriate machine for international touring, Stan Bates stumbled across an impressive collection of machinery in a Spanish warehouse.

Although this astounding collection isn’t open to the public – and consequently we’re not going to give any clue as to its exact location – it does give an excellent indication to the fact that there are examples just like this in the most obscure of locations. Which is something that should give any classic motorcycle fan an invigorated enthusiasm for searching out those undiscovered gems, ready for resurrection!

Most of this particular collection is partisan in its origin, and while there are various Italian and French machines (aside from a host of Vespa scooters, there are a few Ducatis and Terrots) by far the majority are of Spanish origin – Bultaco, Montesa and Ossa – of small capacity and two stroke.

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More than 50 bikes in this image, and not one of more than 250cc in capacity.

Not for this collector the thumping Sanglas singles that typify Spanish machinery for some, for he’s focussed on the sportier road-going Spanish bikes from the Sixties, with the occasional foray into earlier bikes, scooters and push bikes.

Although many think that the Spanish motorcycle industry has focussed purely and solely on trials machinery – for that is perhaps what Montesa, Ossa and Bultaco are most well-known – this impressive hoard of bikes shows that there was always a broader approach to sales from the Spanish factories, some of which were very impressive bikes that were capable of running head-to-head with anything else produced elsewhere at the time.

The Bultaco Metralla, as just one example, was heralded as being a sporty little two stroke that could outperform much larger machinery, both in its initial 196cc capacity and as the later 250cc Mk2 model.

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