The 'Black Bomber' and beyond – what went wrong?

The launch of Honda’s CB450 ‘Black Bomber’ sent shock waves through Britain’s big bike manufacturers, but its high price, curious engine capacity and unimpressive handling prevented it from being the absolute success it might have been. However its successor, the CB500T (sadly, we couldn’t find a photograph) was a whole lot worse.

Someone once opined that, to know where you are in the world today, you must be aware of both your own and the area’s history.

Such platitudes are often a good way of getting a slap when trotted out at the wrong moment, yet generally they contain more than the odd grain of truth.

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All of which is a real shame when you sit down, take a deep breath and consider this month’s twin subject matters… especially Honda’s oft-ridiculed CB500T.

If ever there was a case of wrong bike, wrong style, wrong colours and wrong marketing, this has to be it. Or, to paraphrase and slightly misquote Paul McCartney when asked if The Beatles might ever reform: “You can’t reheat a soufflé!”

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