Stylish AJS Tempest Roadster takes a bow

Based on the chassis of the 125cc AJS Cadwell, a classically styled touring version called the Tempest Roadster, featuring a more upright riding position and larger fuel tank, is now available at £2199 on the road and including VAT.

The specification also includes electric starting, alloy wheel rims, 37mm diameter front forks, a stainless steel exhaust, combined disc brakes, electronic fuel injection and a comfortable plush dual seat.

Classic styling and that traditional gold-lined AJS fuel tank make a pretty picture.

A neat luggage rack that will accept many proprietary boxes is also available as a low-cost accessory.

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You certainly get a lot of bike for £2199, and with its upright riding position, 16-litre fuel tank, comfortable dual seat and excellent brakes, the AJS Tempest Roadster will suit older riders just as much as raw beginners.

Seventeen-year-old learner legal, the bike has an ultra-smooth balance-shaft YB-type four-stroke engine with a five-speed gearbox and has a maximum speed of about 60mph.

A kick-starter is also fitted, and the light and manoeuvrable machine is easy to lift on and off its centre stand or lean on its side stand.

It is available in Silver Fox or Jet Black paint finishes, and you can visit for more details.

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