Sterling surprise at a Norfolk cafe

While on holiday on the North Norfolk coast, my wife and I visited a small cafe/tea shop in East Runton and were sitting enjoying the break when a rider turned up on a Sterling motorcycle.

The writer and his wife got a pleasant surprise when a really old motorcycle turned up outside the cafe where they were enjoying a holiday break – but all was not what it seemed!

My first thought was: “I don’t recognise that make of bike”, but then again I don’t claim to know all makes of old bikes.

When he came into the shop I asked him about the history of the machine, and his answer made me smile. It turned out to be a complete new build with all mod cons such as an electric start, flashing indicators and damped single-coil spring front suspension.

Despite its looks, the limited-edition new-build Sterling has all mod cons beneath its rather quaint exterior.
The ‘17’ registration plate is a dead giveaway.

When I queried how it rode, his reply was: “Not much better than a bike of its supposed vintage.”

Only 100 were made, and his was No 100, with a 2017 registration plate.

Stephen Burwell,


As I recall, we published a feature about a long journey on three Sterlings, with their Chinese engines, about two years ago. – Ed

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