Sidecar manufacturers – F2 Motorcycles

In a chance remark to our new editor, Mick Payne mentioned the remaining sidecar dealers in the UK, which prompted the reply “I thought there was only Watsonian left?”, a not unusual comment. This brought about the idea that it might be a good time to profile those companies still supporting our love of three wheels…

Alphabetical order seemed fairest and I was dismayed to learn that my first subject, Ansons in Loughborough, has ceased the manufacture of sidecars, although still has the expertise to fit chairs and has built some magnificent outfits in the past (check out or call 01509 502534).

Checking on fingers and toes, F is the next letter to bring us a sidecar specialist, Wisbech-based F2 Motorcycles and David Angel. David is probably best known for his association with the Ural brand but said: “I sell very few Urals now. The quality has increased a huge amount in the last decade, although they are no longer cheap. But the decline has been matched by an increase in the sale of the Velorex UK range being fitted to customers’ bikes.”

Sidecar manufacturers – F2 Motorcycles

His love of East European bikes has led to him importing Jawa’s increasing range, which includes the iconic two-stroke 350cc twin that is still available new! Known for its torque, it was the machine that I chose for a five-month sidecar road-trip around Britain, with no regrets.

They are also probably the cheapest way into sidecars that there is. How about a new bike and Velorex for £6995, on the road? The current available sidecars are the Sport at £2395 and the Sport GT with a tilting scuttle for £3795 (both these prices include full weather gear).

Options include a nudge bar and braked wheel. If carrying a passenger isn’t required, David can supply his Cargo Adventure Box Sidecar with 200 litre capacity for £1995.


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