Royal Enfield solid rear

Retro rear end conversion for Royal Enfield

There’s a certain irony in a rigid rear end conversion for the Bullet as Royal Enfield bucked the trend for solid rears in the 1940s by fitting a swinging arm suspension to some of its machines. However, the modern retro world demands that a solid rear be an option so Hitchcock’s have come up with a well-engineered bolt on rear for the 350/500 models. It comes with a comprehensive set of instructions that actually show each stage of the conversion being tackled.

By the nature of this conversion it has to be assumed that the purchaser will have somewhere to work, the necessary tools – though Hitchcock’s does have an excellent tool section in its catalogue if your selection is lacking – and a certain level of competence with tools. From the instructions sent to us, it looks as if you can handle servicing your motorcycle then this conversion will be within your capabilities.

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Cost is £445 plus VAT. More information from, telephone 01564 783192

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