Roadside refreshment

While foodstuffs aren’t normally the nature of conversation within the news pages of Old Bike Mart, the problem of carrying easily manageable snacks while on a bike does, as the saying goes, give us food for thought…

Somewhat conveniently, as the weather broke into perfect riding conditions, we had a delivery in the OBM office of these handy little items.

Super easy to eat with one hand (they don’t fall apart like some less-convenient snacks) and of a size and shape that fits perfectly into the pocket of a bike jacket, they’re also rather healthier than many alternatives, having a no ‘red traffic light’ nutritional policy, meaning each 185g serving falls within the recommended daily intake of fat, saturates, sugar and salt.


The Jake & Nayns’ Naansters (for that is their name) are available in four flavours, all ideal for the British taste buds; Beef Madras, Balti Chicken, Chickpea Curry and, of course, Chicken Tikka!

The latter is, in case you didn’t know, Britain’s favourite meal, and I can testify that the Naansters are not only very convenient, but also rather tasty too.

They can be eaten cold at a handy road-side stop, or quickly heated in a microwave, and are available from Sainsbury’s, Co-op, Spar, Londis, Costco and forecourts across the country, and are two quid each.


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