There are some motorcycles that have never been especially easy to kick-start and, while many owners are in the older age bracket, there are also a fair few youngsters coming on to the scene who have never had to use a leg to start a high compression 500cc single before, and just don’t have the knack or the knowledge. So, rather than risk the pain of a shin-cracking kickback, why not use a Powerstart?

While the company mostly focuses on products for four-wheelers – having had more than 40 years’ experience in manufacturing and supplying rotating electrics for the motor industry – Powerlite is well equipped to produce a specialised bike starter with dual driven rollers that is suitable not just for classic bikes but also for track day machinery and motocrossers too.

And, as those scenarios don’t always have a convenient mains power supply, the Powerlite starter is battery powered thanks to an Odyssey Extreme PC950 battery which delivers 950 potent cranking amps through a 2kW starter motor, which can be operated by one person as it comes with both a footswitch that the rider can operate while sitting on the machine, or (easier still) it includes a wireless ‘key fob’ electric start too.

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Each unit comes complete with a quality intelligent charger for the battery, easily plugged into the side of the unit. There’s little surprise that the Powerstart is a firm favourite with riders and teams in such prestigious events as the Goodwood Revival and Classic TT, given its practicality and ease of use.

Aside from the Powerstart, Powerlite also has a full remanufacturing facility offering the rebuild of alternators, dynamos and starter motors of any type and age for cars and bikes. More details about this, and the starter, can be found at www.powerlite-units.com

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