Popham Motorcycle Megameet

Although Del Hickey had seen the event advertised for several years, he’d never been before…

This year, I’d decided it was time to make the effort and head across country to check it out, after all, they said there was an autojumble, bike show and vintage aircraft fly-in, what could be better than that?

Having never been to the show or knowing anyone that had, I wasn’t sure if the show would be as good as it looked in the advertising.


But if all else failed, taking the scenic route and riding across country on a sunny August day would be reward itself.

So, because there were going to be a few tea/pee breaks and sightseeing along the way, I set off early.

First stop: fill up on fuel and away.


One of the good things about my start point, Bristol, is the fact that you can leave the hustle and bustle of the busy city behind and very quickly find yourself in the glorious countryside.

From Bristol I bypassed the Georgian city of Bath, meandering through the country roads and was soon entering Wiltshire, stopping at Devizes and taking in the Caen Hill Locks.

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