Pioneer beaten by weather…

Says Ian McGill, Pioneer Run organiser: “Unfortunately I had to make the difficult decision to cancel the 75th Pioneer Run on the Saturday morning.

“The situation on Epsom Downs was that heavy snow and low temperatures made the area unusable.


“The predicted weather forecast of further snow and minus three overnight would have made the route unsafe for riding veteran motorcycles in my opinion.

“Please bear in mind that this event is run under an ACU permit as a Road Safety Rally, and any accidents that may have occurred could well have jeopardised the future of the event and the reputation of the Sunbeam MCC. I spent the day on Saturday contacting riders by phone and email, there was a terrific response from the ‘jungle drums’ and word soon got around, each and every rider I spoke to said that it was the correct decision, there were also announcements on local radio.

“I can only apologise to all entrants, especially our friends from abroad some of which travel many hundreds of miles (sorry, kilometres) to ride in this event.


“Never before have we been stopped by such difficult weather conditions. Some 34 riders did make it to the start, some of whom decided to try for a ride to Brighton. How many arrived is unknown, but following soon after them I did not come across them, so guess they went very fast or found the conditions not favourable.

“Many thanks to our sponsors, National Motorcycle Museum, Bonhams and The Classic Motor Cycle magazine.

“We are now looking forward to the 2014 event, when all machines will be 100 years old or greater, with a return to our usual ‘Sunbeam’ weather.”


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