Over and out Webb’s Farm – those were the days!

As I was sorting through some old trials riding photos the one below, showing a BSA C15
being manhandled out of a bog, brought a smile and an enjoyable memory of the sport in the late 1950s and early 60s.

Heave! A novice rider’s BSA C15 trials bike is extracted from the mud after heavy rain renders the sections, marked out in good weather the previous day, vastly different from what had been intended.

It happened after the clerk of the course marked out a reasonable section in good weather on the Saturday, only for overnight torrential rain to render the section totally different from what was intended.

It was the competitor’s first event, and his bike was running erratically as he dropped down the muddy bank, but when he should have given it a handful of throttle the engine just stopped, causing him to lose his footing, fall over and receive a ‘five’ for his trouble.

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I’m the person pulling the front wheel out of the mire, but unfortunately the rider is not seen as he was about to dry out his ex-WD boots.

The event was the Swindon & District Easter Time Trial at Webb’s Farm, and as expected, the BSA remained silent for the rest of the day.

Roger Hayes

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