Outfits, trailers and a Matchless

As you can see, I have enclosed photos of our motorbike and sidecar; my husband Robin thought you might be interested.

Forty years ago I passed my test on the motorbike and sidecar.

As you see, we used to pull a trailer behind with our camping equipment as we travelled to the Isle of Man.


We no longer have a sidecar but we have two motorbikes and still go to the Isle of Man every year.

Also, my husband has a receipt which was his father’s for a 1934 Matchless 1000 V-twin, which he bought on March 21, 1955 for the sum of £45, registration number AXT 465, which was sold at Bonhams for £9,200 in 2003.

Robin wondered if this was of interest to the present owner?


Valerie Mackender

If the current owner is indeed interested, please get in touch via OBM. Ed.

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