On guard for alloy

Treat your classic to alloy mudguards

Given what they do on a motorcycle, mudguards are one of the first components to suffer damage and rusting as a bike gets used. In the winter they get road muck and salt and in the ‘summer’ they get soaked. Road dirt packs into all the nooks and crannies setting up rust points.

So, what are the options? First of all you could park the bike up and not use it, which isn’t what Old Bike Mart is all about, secondly you could meticulously dry under the guards every time the bike has been out… or thirdly you could take off the steel guards, have them refurbished to original spec and fit alloy ones in their place while the bike is being used.


Alloy guards won’t rust, are freely available and have the benefit of reducing weight which can improve the performance of the bike. It also means the rider
can happily enjoy another pie, secure in the knowledge that the bike isn’t going to be any heavier.

The one pictured here is a 21in scrambles front mudguard, there are a full range of sizes available and prices start at £27.50.

More information from www.sparesforclassicmotorcycles1.co.uk, email sparesforclassicmotorcycles1@talktalk.net or telephone 07535 667431



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