Ogri’s true age

It was nice to read about ‘Ogri’ on page 10 of the latest OBM.

However, he’s older than you suggest: Ogri first appeared in Bike magazine in 1972, which was 47 years ago, not 41.

Perhaps someone mistook a ‘7’ for a ‘1’ when compiling your article?…

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As a skinny 18-year-old in 1974, I couldn’t have looked less like our folk hero, but I did try, in particular with a truly hideously modified BSA C15, with clip-ons (but no rear sets, resulting in a particularly ungainly riding posture) and Ogri’s star painted on the sides of the glass-fibre seat hump (see attached photo, which might give you nightmares).

I must have looked more like Malcolm, Ogri’s hapless chum! Happy days…

Andy Clews
Uckfield, East Sussex

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