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This month’s OBM, as always is the case, features the latest news, reports from the racetrack, part and tool reviews and ‘how to’ guides. Ensure you get your copy by subscribing to OBM here.

We call OBM the autojumble in your armchair, which it is… but there’s so much more to this publication. It’s like meeting an old friend for a walk down memory lane, with plenty of laughs thrown in and some evocative pictures to mull over.

Here’s a look inside the pages of the new August issue…

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Japanese V-twins: Yamaha XZ550

Steve Cooper remembers Yamaha’s XZ550 and asks: was it really all that bad?

Motorcycles at the Manor

Blue Miller investigates a new event at a bucolic setting in the depths of Lincolnshire.

The story of Big John

It’s a sporting bet that a reasonable number of you reading this haven’t heard of Stormy Mangham. But, as John Milton reports, without Stormy Mangham we would probably never have had one of the most iconic motorcycle names of all time.

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A very special Douglas: Part II

In the previous issue, Neville Heath related how he embarked on the challenge of creating a Douglas V-twin. Did it work? Read on and find out!

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