Novice sidecar day at Cadwell Park

Try your hand at sidecar racing…

A group of 'big wheel' outfit racers are giving up their time, advice and allowing their outfits to be used by novices to give wannabee road racers of the sidecar persuasion a chance to get on track without the expense of fronting up a pile of cash to buy a bike only to find they don’t like it. 

The day will be free (although we would suggest folks taking owners up on this offer donate a few pounds for fuel and running costs) and is open to riders/passengers/crews under sixty years; the only stipulation is that they haven’t taken a race outfit on track before and are healthy enough to get a race licence.


The participants do NOT need a race licence for the day as it is a private hire event but as all leathers, helmets, boots etc will be scrutineered it would be helpful if they could bring them and they have a gold sticker on the helmet and it be in a good, usable condition.

Prospective drivers, passengers and interested parties, please call David Sykes on 01162 876119

? British Historic Racing

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