November issue available now!

Ninety years ago – and what a very different world it was! A smart young lady helps herself to petrol for an immaculate side-valve motorcycle from a shilling-in-the-slot petrol pump outside a garage in Cheltenham in 1927. Photo: Mortons Archive

The November 2017 issue of Old Bike Mart is now available – by subscription only. It’s packed with news, views and reviews, readers’ letters, and the popular Unearthed and Feedback columns never fail to entertain.


If you’re an enthusiast who enjoys hunting for, renovating, riding or simply adoring these fabulous vintage bikes, this is the publication for you. To find out more, and how to subscribe, visit – what better time of the year to do so, with Christmas just around the corner!

Each month editor Pete Kelly welcomes you aboard for a journey through the annals of motorcycling history, written in his ever-enthusiastic and experienced style. So don’t miss out… make it one of your 2018 new year resolutions to sign up for an Old Bike Mart subscription to bring those memories flooding back, or even create some memories for the future!




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