No TARDIS? Carry on regardless!

What a great paper OBM is. I look forward to its arrival on my doormat each month. It offers some wonderful insights into what we fringe motorcyclists love doing best: riding, tinkering and occasionally restoring: which brings me neatly on to that subject…

I’ve been restoring a wonderful Velocette MAC for a few months now. The usual kind of stuff, rebuilding engines and gearboxes (gearbox and head refurb by guru Stuart at Criterion Ltd) stripping and painting frames and lacing wheels, etc.

The thing with this particular restoration is that it’s being carried out in very cramped quarters: a 6×8 garden shed, which is what prompted me to write in; to give heart to OBM readers that we can all realise our dreams – even if we don’t possess a TARDIS or a sonic screwdriver for that matter. How useful would one of these be!

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Yes, I know, I can hear the remonstrations: not enough room to swing a cat, much less a swing arm; falling over bits; and even (yes it is possible because I’ve often done it) losing items that moments before were right there on the bench.

I’ve laboured through every scenario I can tell you, but the rewards have been/are worth it. 

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