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Dates announced for Borders Classic Bike Show

Calls to lower drink drive
A road safety organisation has applauded the Scottish Government’s move towards lowering the drink drive limit and called for the rest of the UK to follow suit.

GEM Motoring Assist says that if Scotland makes the move, it will be brought into line with the majority of Europe, leaving the rest of the UK as the only nation, alongside Malta, not to have the lower limit.

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The firm’s chief executive David Williams said: “There is no doubt that lives would be saved, year-on-year, with a lower drink drive limit. Ideally, no one would get behind the wheel after a drop of alcohol, however, any lowering of the limit will help lead to a reduction in those that are inclined to do so.

“As we approach the festive period, it is a really important time to get this message across. The devastation that comes with the loss of a loved one through any accident, let alone a drink driving accident, is unimaginable and we believe that with the introduction of a lower drink drive limit a number of these unnecessary deaths will be avoided.”

The blood/alcohol limit is currently 80mg/100ml in the UK, which will be lowered to 50mg/100ml in Scotland, should the change go ahead.

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“What makes this change potentially very challenging for UK licence holders is that different laws will apply, rather than a consistent ruling, throughout the UK,” said David. “Losing your driving licence in Scotland for a drink driving offence could be the equivalent of a warning in England.”

On the move
The Yorkshire Rose branch of the TOMCC is moving to a new venue – the Waverley Hotel on Brinsworth Road, Catcliffe in South Yorkshire on the B6067.

The change comes in from January 2, and meetings are still on the same nights – the first and third Wednesday each month. The Waverley has a very large car park – ideal for the club’s open night which will be, as normal in June. The AGM is on January 16.

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Borders classic show
The dates for the Borders Classic Bike Show are September 14 and 15 at Lacon Childe School, Cleobury Mortimer, Shropshire, and organiser David Spruce is promising great things for the 2013 event, with “an extra special guest”.

The 2012 event saw Peter Collins guest, with £5000 raised for the local community. For details visit:

Making a Mark in Derbyshire
New for those in or around Derbyshire – and Chesterfield especially – is Mark Ward Restoration Services. He can offer bead and vapour  blasting, ultrasonic cleaning and head skimming. Mark’s got 15 years experience working with motorcycles and being an enthusiast knows exactly what finish is required. Contact Mark on 07810 131630 for a chat and discuss your needs with him.

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