New Royal Enfield con rods

Replacement con rods for Royal Enfield twins

They are brand new con rods for Royal Enfield twins and are part number 41719. These con rods have been remanufactured for a number of Royal Enfield twins. They’ve been made locally in the UK and NC machined from billet 7075-TG aluminium. Given that even the newest big twins will be 40 years old and their parts inside may be even a year or two older, the consequences of a rod ‘letting go’ don’t bear thinking about. Play for safety by up-grading to something that is considerably stronger than the original forged rods.

Sold as a matched pair, they are slightly heavier than the originals and will require rebalancing of the crankshaft assembly – to 72%. The set includes new and stronger big end bolts which need torquing to 38-40lb-ft.


Sold as a matched pair, they cost £280 plus VAT.

More information from Hitchcocks Motorcycles, 01564 783192 or visit or alternatively email

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