Musee Entrevaux

After reading the article about this private collection museum, I decided to do a diversion on my way to Nice to take a look.

I took with me the two pages from your article and showed them to the owner (Michel Lucani) who had no knowledge that his museum had been featured here in England.

He was delighted, and fortunately a friend of his who could translate called in, as any French I had was learned from school!


I was then given a guided tour by M. Lucani, including seeing some areas not normally open to the public, and learned that he has a lot more bikes than some main dealer bike shops… lucky chap!

I told him that I would write to you, and send some pictures – perhaps you could include them in a future issue, which I will then forward on to him.

Any readers in the area should pay him a visit and you may even see the article, as he is going to frame it and exhibit it on one of the walls of his museum. 


Jeff Marland

So, if you happen to find yourself in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence area of south-eastern France, you could do worse than head to 04320 Entrevaux! The museum can also be found on the internet, at

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