More on that influential Scott

Regarding the letter in the June issue of OBM from Mr Wildsmith, I can inform him in some detail about the modified Scott he pictured.

The bike was owned for over 50 years by a close friend of mine, and a true Scott enthusiast, Mr Arthur Fogg.

Arthur bought the bike in the early 1950s from ‘Jenks’ of Stirling Moss co-driver fame. Jenks had previously raced the bike.


At that time Arthur lived in Huddersfield and was very friendly with one of the senior bosses at Panther Motorcycles of Cleckheaton, who fitted the Panther forks, wheels and swinging arm suspension to the Scott, reg no UU906.

In the early years of ownership theScott was attached to a home-builtsidecar and used as family transportfor Arthur, his wife and two children.

The Scott was a 1920s TT replica and at the time of Arthur’s death in 2007 he still had the bike along with a Scott Super Squirrel. Both bikes passed to his nephew John Bentley of the classic car movement.


My wife and I went with Arthur, and his Scotts, to the IoM TT and MGP on many occasions in the 1980s and 90s.

He was an enthusiastic member of the VMCC and Scott club, and we are still in touch with his daughter, Elaine. I hope my letter satisfies Rodney’s curiosity. I have supplied a photo of Arthur’s two Scotts.

I keep the photo in my garage as a memento of our old friend.


Eric Bell, West Yorkshire

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