More bite for Tiger Cub brakes

Triumph Tiger Cub high lift brake cam

This high lift Cub brake cam has been developed for trials bikes initially, but it will make a good difference to road bikes too. In the quest for lightness many trials riders use a Triumph Cub brake drum at either end of the bike. It’s not a great task to make one fit and they look good. There are even alloy replicas available for even better weight saving. Bob Moore at UPB has been a Cub fan for more years than he’s been a trials rider and has a number of solutions to the braking action of a Cub hub. Easiest to fit is the high lift cam as it just replaces the original and the cam surface is flat rather than curved which means the brake shoes contact the drum sooner. To make the braking even better find someone to skim the linings concentric to the hub and then bed them in properly and give your brakes the best possible chance they can have.

The brake cam is pictured here with its brake arm and fixing bolt. The cam is £18 and the brake arm is £18, both plus postage.

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