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We call OBM the autojumble in your armchair, which it is… but there’s so much more to this publication. It’s like meeting an old friend for a walk down memory lane, with plenty of laughs thrown in and some evocative pictures to mull over.

Here’s a look inside the pages of this month’s issue…


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While custom motorcycle shows aren’t the prime stomping ground for classic machinery, Dave Manning takes a trip to the Malvern Hills to see just how much of a crossover exists between the two genres.

A tale of two factories

In 1962 John Stevenson took the opportunity to visit two of the British motorcycle industry’s most famous factories and here he recollects his impressions. It’s also given us a grand excuse to dive into one of our favourite places, the Mortons photo archive!

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Ron Parkinson: The man who made the Villiers fly

For many years Ron Parkinson Motorcycles was one of the leading motorcycle dealers in north Essex, but there is so much more to the man behind the shop, as Mike Meadows reveals.

And lots more, including…

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  • South of England Classic Motorcycle Show
  • Part Two of Motor Cycle’s final makeover
  • The Greeves Series
  • A-Z of British motorcycles, Part 14: H

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