Make mine a Triple…

Tony Page reports from the 11th French Triples Rassemblement around Angers, and the extraordinary commitment to the pre-1975 Triumph and BSA triples by organiser Georges Boisniere.

The sound of music – T160s on tour.
The sound of music – T160s on tour.

Some will immediately recognise the name Georges Boisniere. A Triumph/BSA Triples stalwart from a young impressionable age, he deserves a medal – well, several actually – for as well as never owning anything except Triples of the pre-1975 Triumph and BSA variety, he’s been organising rallies, or rassemblements, for them in and around Angers, France since 1980.

How many of us have stayed true to our first love? Most of us wavered, didn’t we, but Georges, having seen a Triple win at Le Mans in 1971, (what the works Tridents did not win in 1971 was won by Rocket Threes) was hooked.


He managed to obtain his first Triple in 1972 and has never had another type of bike. He now possesses eight, his favourite being
a standard-spec T160, but he also has a super-rare Anglo Bike ‘Tristar’, and has returned to organising Triple rallies.

I say ‘returned’ as, after staging 10 of them through the 1980s, he had a 24-year break to raise his two daughters, then returned three years ago and announced the 11th rassemblement.

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