Letter from America

Winter is upon us here in southern California as we are seeing our first rain today since before summer.

There’s still plenty of opportunity to ride though!

Thank you again for the Old Bike Marts, and I read with interest about the LED headlamp bulbs.

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Have any readers tried them with success? I tried a tail lamp replacement circuit board made by “Bulbs That Last 4ever” about 10 years ago and it shook to bits in no time at all.

The technology has gotten better I assume, so I might give them another go. I still refuse to convert to 12 volts and even hold on to my ET ignition in my Tiger Cubs! I guess if I have poor lighting, I deserve it! 

A couple of weeks ago I brought out my two T100 racers to a gathering at the beach. It is the first time out together for these two!

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Geoff Patrick

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