Laser T-handles

If you’ve not experienced the ease of using T-handled sockets and screwdrivers before, it’s probably way past time that you invested in a set.

This kit from Laser Tools has a T-handle that accommodates any one of a number of double-ended bits, with the ergonomics of the handle not only allowing extra torque to be supplied to hard-to-shift fasteners, but also allowing you to quickly spin a fastener into place!

They’re a joy to use when fitting multiple bolts to a single part, such as a camcover or primary cover, for example.The bits are flat, Philips and Posidrive screwdriver tips, in various sizes, while there are also Star tips, and a number of hex and ball hex tips too, all in metric sizes.


Measuring a useful 175mm in length (that’s seven inches for those of a pre-metrification mind), perfect for difficult to reach areas and, as
an extra bonus for those inaccessible fasteners, the bit ends are magnetised as well.

Priced at £58.42, plus the vatman’s cut, the set is available from all Laser Tools stockists, plus (and remember, Laser stockists often have special offers!).

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