Just one more. Just the one…

You know how it is – you agonise about acquiring a ‘new’ bike (in my case a 1973 Triumph Adventurer TR5T) and eventually succumb and push the ‘Buy it Now’ (or whatever) button, convincing yourself: “That is it; no more. I’ve got everything I’d ever need/desire/covet,” and…the very next day there’s another ‘must have’ morsel offered. But what, possibly, could there [still] be? I hear you ask.

A Van Veen OCR 1000. Yup – one of only 38 ever produced.


Someone I vaguely know has decided to sell one of his. He has two you see… Luckily, he states that the last one that was sold went for 110,000 Euros and that was two
years ago.

A hundred thousand quid! Luckily…

Tony Page,


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