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Eccles Racing Cruiser boots

It’s all well and good wearing modern riding gear on an old motorcycle but it doesn’t look right does it?

All that bling and boots with sliders with spangly bits on is okay if you’re heading off to the local meeting point on your hyper bike and standing round in your race leathers, but us classic folk like something a bit more… err… ‘classic’ and restrained.

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That’s where these Eccles Racing Cruiser boots come in. Traditionally made in leather and 14 inches high, they’re waterproof with a Hipora breathable membrane and a non-slip sole they will look good on you. They’ll probably look better with your riding gear over the top rather than tucked in, but the choice is yours. As they’re a pull-on style it’s possible they’ll take a wearing or two to settle in and may be a bit tight at first, luckily there’s a well stitched hoop to pull on.

Cost is a not oo bad £89.99 a pair and you can get more information from the Eccles Racing website.

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