Jack Plowright continued

I have been an OBM subscriber for many years, but was taken aback to read ‘Jack Plowright Motorcycles’ in large print on your letters page in the June edition.

I was born and grew up in Trowbridge and bought my first two bikes from Plowrights in Mill Street, so I was very interested to read Chris Hawkings’ letter. I believe Jack Plowright also had a dealership in Devizes.

My first bike was a second-hand Honda C200, 90cc, registration JMW 107F, bought either late 1968 or early 69. I took my test on this bike and passed first time.


It was totally reliable but I soon grew out of it as it was rather small, and not very quick. I traded it in for a second-hand Suzuki Invader, registration MWV 57G, which I bought in 1971, for £165 I think.

So my dealings with Plowrights predate Chris Hawkings’ time with them.

The 200cc two-stroke Suzuki took me to university in Southampton for three years, along with several touring trips to North and West Wales, the Lake District and even a trip to Glencoe in Scotland.


The small capacity Suzuki would cruise all day at 65mph, even with a pillion and luggage.

This bike too was totally reliable and would hold its own with larger capacity British bikes a lot of the time.

Phil’s Suzuki Invader, 200cc of raw power.

Jack Plowright attached a small metal oval plate on the bikes he sold and I enclose a picture of the Suzuki Invader side panel with the Plowright plate beneath the Suzuki logo.


I went on to have two more Suzuki bikes, a 350cc Rebel twin (on which unfortunately I had a bad accident in June 1976 and the bike was written off) and my current 2001 SV650S, which I have owned since 2003. I am now in my late 60s and still enjoy motorcycling.

Phil Barnett, Crawley

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