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Old Bike Mart cover

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We often hear the main Japanese manufacturers referred to as The Big Four, with the occasional oblique reference to Bridgestone acting in the role of George Martin as the fifth member of The Beatles. Holding on to that Mop-Top analogy for a moment, Steve Cooper takes a peek at another Japanese company that’s often overlooked and could, arguably, be described as the Pete Best of the Japanese bike world.

Carry on, Captain!

One of the most endearing single-cylinder two-stroke British lightweights of the 1950s and ‘60s was the 200cc James Captain. Pete Kelly turns up four road test reports from the Mortons Archive tracing the evolution of these popular models.

Suzuki Museum

Suzuki fever hit Sarah Chapman in her teenage years. It was the mid-90s, GSX-Rs ruled the streets and the mighty EFE was still winning at the tracks. Stunt-riding Scouser Gary Rothwell was her hero and Streetfighters magazine fuelled the fever. Who knew that, more than two decades later, her passion would lead to Hamamatsu, the home of Suzuki Motorcycles


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