High gloss polishing at ACM Finishing

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The staff at the Lowestoft business had been polishing metal parts for years using conventional polishing methods which involve surface preparation and then buffing and finishing, and although this system has been sufficient for most polishing jobs they felt that some jobs required more than the usual and more could be done to achieve a better result and finished product.

Another issue with metal polishing is the irregular and awkward shaped parts which can prove to be a challenge and in some cases impossible to reach all nooks and crannies, so ACM Finishing set out to design and make a system which would overcome all those issues.


Now, using a mixture of polyester based abrasives and ceramic medias the firm can transform your parts in a way that cannot be matched using conventional buffing or hand polishing.

This finish not only looks great but enhances the strength of the parts due to the work hardening properties of the process, and is 20 times more resistant to corrosion and dulling of the surface metal, which means that most polished parts don’t require lacquering or any other protective coats – which cost extra and often dull the bright finish anyway.

The list of parts that can be high gloss polished is endless, and ACM Finishing has already done wheels, nuts and bolts, engine covers and manifolds, bike parts… the list goes on..


For details call 0845 224 9814 or mail info@acmfinishing.co.uk

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