Ground anchor

Bumpstop’s ground anchor

What is it? It’s a ground anchor. No it’s not to stop the ground rolling away but more to stop someone rolling your motorcycle away along the ground. Like most great ideas, the ground anchor is remarkably simple and is effectively a tube that bolts to the ground. There are fixings supplied and it can be used in the garage or workshop or outside in your yard. Once fixed to the ground, or wall for that matter, a high security chain will easily fit through the anchor and your machine is secure. Those with a joist and board floor in their workshop should add a steel plate under the floor to bolt the anchor to.

What’s it cost? The cost of peace of mind can’t be quantified but the ground anchor can be yours for £49.99 plus VAT and delivery.

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Where can you get it? It’s available from Bumpstop UK on email: [email protected] or tel 01604 845050.

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