Get up early for 75th Pioneer Run

The Pioneer entrant from the 1963 event

Spectators who wish to see the survivors from the very first Pioneer Run in 1930 will need to be at the start early on March 24 as these eight machines will be the first to leave at 8am, wearing the same start number allocated to them in that 1930 event. 

It is an essential requirement for entry to the Pioneer that all machines have to be authenticated as genuine veterans by the Pioneer Dating Committee and have an issued certificate.

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This year, all successful finishers will receive, in addition to the traditional finishers’ medal, a replica of the medal used in 1930, but also an interesting range of extras for this the 75th Pioneer Run.

If spectators and entrants wish to purchase the newly and very first published history of the Pioneer Run this will be available at the Sunbeam Club’s Finishers’ marquee on Madeira Drive, price £23 or contact the Sunbeam club.

The riders and machines are:
No. 1 Dreadnought, 1904, Harry Wiles, VMCC
No. 37 Rudge Multi, 1912,  John Waghorn,SMCC
No. 38 James, 1914, Chris Ronalds, SMCC
No. 39 Phelon & Moore, 1914, James Taylor, VMCC
No. 44 Triumph, 1914, Dan Catt, K&DMCC
No. 57 Sun-Villers, 1914, Robert Hummerstone, VMCC
No. 67 Humber, 1910, Peter Lockwood, SMCC
No. 73 Triumph, 1914, Anthony Stockman, SMCC
The above machines were ridden in the first Pioneer Run in 1930, as below. The total entry in 1930 was 77, whereas this year the entry totals 383

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No. 1 Dreadnought , George Brough, MCC
No. 37 Rudge Multi, H G Tyrrell-Smith, Leeds MC
No. 38 James, Norah Everitt, Leeds MC
No. 39 Phelon & Moore, B Marians, MCC
No. 44 Triumph, G M Bryant, Sunbeam MCC
No. 57 Sun-Villiers, W B Jury, Tunbridge Wells MC
No. 67 Humber, W J Robins, Sutton MCC
No. 73 Triumph, H K G Garland, unattached

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