Get a grip on grips

Having trouble stabilising grips? Then follow this method. Get some double-sided sticky tape, 5/8in wide and about 1/8in thick – I’ve used masking tape on a brush stale in the picture to illustrate – and spiral it around the handlebar.

Then liberally splash petrol on to the tape and to the inside of the new rubber grip, and quickly slide the grip into place.

Be quick and don’t hang about as in no time at all it will be set solid, believe me! Make certain that you’ve got it right as you’ve only got a short time to manoeuvre it.

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I got this tip from a golf pro as I watched him replace rubber grips on golf club shafts.

It really does work, think of the torque generated when you’re next trying to dig a hole around a golf ball! It works on foot pegs and even kick-start lever rubbers as well.

Graham Baldwin S/W France

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Have any readers got any other equally useful hints and tips that they’d like to share with the OBM readership? They’re all very welcome!

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